Pensioners save bingo sessions.

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It was just a few short months ago that pensioners from the Brownhills Senior Citizens Club in Walsall were facing the threat of losing their club, which would have meant the end of their much loved bingo sessions. In a new development however it has just been announced that plans have been changed and their club will stay intact.

Originally the plans involved a land swap between the supermarket giant Tesco and the local authority. It was alleged that Walsall Council had agreed to swop the authority owned building and land for a nearby plot owned by Tesco on the High Street. The Senior Citizens club on Pier Street would have been demolished to make way for the new superstore, and the newly acquired building would have been used by the council for Brownhills market, leaving the pensioners homeless.

Tom Kendal, 81, of Warren Place has been on the committee of the centre for many years and was dismayed with the news. At the time he said; “We run it ourselves and we pay for all the social events and gatherings. It gives people cheap days out every year and organises events like bingo and fish and chip supper evenings. It‘s a lifeline for elderly people in the area.”

The fight was supported by Barbara Cassidy, their local Labour Party ward councillor, who commented at the time; “This is a fantastic centre for our elderly residents and I really can’t understand why Tesco and Walsall Council don’t join forces to find a suitable new home for the club. Indeed, I believe that our Conservative-run council must ensure that Brownhills Senior Citizens Centre remains unaffected by the proposed Tesco development plans until a viable alternative has been found and the club members are happy with the outcome. This, of course, requires a strong stance by Cllr Andrew to protect the interests of local people against the might of Tescos. I for one do not wish to see our elderly citizens thrown out on the street.”

Approximately 40 members of the club meet up three times a week to play bingo. They organised a petition against the closure and managed to get about 350 signatures. They were relieved to hear that the Tesco development has now been altered so their club will remain intact. The Club Chairman, John Dunn said how delighted the club members were to hear that their club and weekly bingo games were safe. You wouldn’t find this sort of action at Virgin Bingo!

The Corporate Affairs Manager at Tesco, Tony Fletcher, confirmed; “The club will be retaining what they’ve got. The new plans involve purely moving other things around so that the building isn’t required.”

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