Could Bingo match Lottery?

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Ever since the national lottery has been going, they have had a large commitment to offer funds and grants in order to support local communities and other worthwhile causes. Not only did this boost the profile of the lottery but also helped to generate a positive attitude towards the game from the public.

Recently more and more internet bingo sites are starting to support charities also. This can be seen currently with sites such as Giggle Bingo and Foxy Bingo supporting the Breast Cancer awareness campaign which always takes place in October. So, the question has to be asked ‘are bingo sites going to follow in the footsteps of the lottery?’ Bingo site William Hill has raised over £45,000 for charity since its launch in 2007.

With more and more new bingo sites emerging every month it is no secret that it is a very profitable sector to be in and while larger bingo brands are supporting equally well known charities, they are too supporting smaller non profit organisations too!

A while back people only thought that the way to win a million was by playing the lottery every single chance they had and putting all their hopes on six chosen numbers. But, now it has all changed. There have been many mega wins on online bingo games who offer huge bingo bonus’s including sites like Paddy Power Bingo and Ruby Bingo. These sizable wins demonstrate that internet bingo is hot on the heels of the lottery, and it will continue this way if the popularity of the online games continue to grow as it has been.

As you may have noticed, Bingo sites have been hitting it hard when it comes to advertising and marketing, with some big sponsorship deals coming through such as Emmerdale, but the question is will bigger bingo names like Mecca and Gala get involved with local community support?

Although online bingo has increased massively in popularity over the past couple of years it is still not on the same wavelength as the lottery and not only in terms of prize money. But by looking at the progression of internet bingo you can see that it will not be long until it is a possibility!

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