Getting Paid to Play

November 14, 2010 - by Jaymac · Filed Under online bingo news Leave a Comment 

Ever thought you would see the day when you could get paid for playing bingo? Well that day has arrived!

We’re not sure whether it is the generous festive season getting to them or their just in the mood for giving but if you head on down to Moon Bingo you too can benefit from their ‘Get Paid in Payday Bingo’ promotion. Lucky players are able to win a humongous monthly salary of anything up to £10,000 with an amazing £2,000 guaranteed win in Payday Bingo, to take place every last Friday of every month!

And it doesn’t stop there. Moon Bingo players can also take advantage of the ‘Treasure Trove’ internet bingo game, with the opportunity to win a £100 guaranteed prize as well as the chance to win an additional £100. This makes the jackpot £200 – not too shabby when the tickets cost a minimal 10p.

And there is more! When playing on your numerous favourite bingo sites such as RedBus Bingo, Posh Bingo and Moon Bingo, does your laptop or PC do you proud? Or does it crash? Cut out? Or not provide you with the most clear cut images? If this is the case you could win a brand new one when playing ‘The Prize is Right’. Every week there is brand new laptop on offer for one lucky player.

With the Christmas season ahead of us this couldn’t be more perfect!

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