Free Bingo And No Deposit Bonus

September 1, 2010 - by Gladys · Filed Under online bingo news Leave a Comment 

The word free is always a good one to hear, because at the end of the day who doesn’t like getting something for nothing? Free bingo is not offered by every single bingo site out there – some sites just don’t like it as they feel it’s not good for business. However there are many sites that do offer this so it’s always worth looking out for.

Before you get too excited though the sites that do offer free bingo don’t offer it everywhere as otherwise they wouldn’t be able to make any money and so would not be able to operate, free money is better for you then it is for them! When sites do offer this it is usually restricted to a certain room at a certain time. Some sites are more generous than others though, and may give you more opportunities to play free bingo.

Some sites will also limit this in other ways – for example it may only be available to players who have previously made a deposit, or to those who have made a deposit within a certain time-frame. This is more beneficial to them as at least then they’re guaranteed to get at least some money from you.

Bingo sites offer you no deposit bingo as an incentive for you to play on their site. They worry that if they don’t offer any free bingo at all then you won’t play on them, and the more you like a site and play on it then the larger the chance is that you’ll make a deposit and continue to deposit.

Despite any restrictions though we still like free bingo and will keep our eyes open for sites that are offering this.

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