Bingo Cove lends a Christmas hand

October 8, 2010 - by Tom · Filed Under online bingo news Leave a Comment 

Well that time of year is creeping closer and closer. Soon we will be able to hear jingle bells ringing and see holly leaves everywhere – yes you guessed it Christmas!

So with this in mind many of us are staying to save up, and planning what presents we are going to buy. But for some lucky individuals saving up will not be an issue this year. Bingo Cove are going to surprise one of their players with an amazing bingo bonus of £10,000!

This guaranteed jackpot will give someone a very magical holiday to end 2010. This jackpot can be won at Bingo Cove’s 90 ball bingo game and there are three brilliant chances to win. The prize money shall be split in three ways between the one line winner, two line winner and the full house winner.

The game will take place on 22nd December and you can now buy tickets for £10 each. This does seem like a very high price for a bingo ticket, considering you can get 10p tickets from sites such as Polo Bingo. But, you can also collect points as you play leading up to Christmas and earn a free bingo ticket for the game.

For every 2,000points you collect at Bingo Cove you will be able to get a free bingo ticket for your chance to win this amazing Christmas jackpot. Although 2,000 may seem like a lot there are numerous ways you can collect them such as referring a friend, wagering money on instant games and playing on any of the Christmas patterns.

Once you have your bingo tickets all you need to do is wait until the 22nd rolls around and see if you will be giving your bank balance a cash injection.

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