Renovation of Bingo Halls a go go!

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With the increase of internet bingo we are constantly hearing about how the future of land-based bingo is very uncertain. Throughout the entire country bingo halls are closing left, right and centre. But, the ones which are still open are making some significant changes to keep up to date with current trends. So much so that the Rank Group, who own Mecca Bingo online, are planning to spend roughly £3 million and numerous bingo halls are to get a ‘facelift’ in the process.

We all know that land-based bingo halls are finding it hard to keep enticing punters through their doors, especially with the smoking ban and the vast amount of online bingo clubs, traditional halls are struggling to maintain the same lure they used to have. But, the ones which are refusing to close and fighting to stay open are resorting to quite drastic measures to drag in the customers and this means some very expensive renovations.

So, the news that the Rank Group are planning a £3 million refurbishment is not a massive surprise. The Entertainment group is also going to invest £2.7 million to land based bingo halls within the North-West this year, giving the Mecca bingo clubs, in Sale and Southport a brand spanking new look. And it is not just the bingo halls which are going to be getting the star treatment either, Rank Group is also going to be freshening up numerous casinos within that same area, reinvesting in an attempt to try and capture a larger share of the market.

This huge spending spree is going to create new jobs, which can only be a good thing with the current state of the job market, and it also means that more traditional land-based bingo halls are going to remain open. As much as online bingo has its advantages such as convenience, it is still not the same as a girls night out with your friends playing the number spotting game and having a gossip!

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