Playing Bingo reduces time in Hospital

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Salisbury District Hospital have recently issued a report which indicated that playing a regular game of bingo may aid some patients to get home from hospital far quicker than expected.

Hospital volunteers have been playing bingo with a group of elderly stroke victims for a couple of months and it has produced some interesting and positive results.

The report states that the motivation of the patients dramatically enhances when many bingo games are played on a regular if not daily basis. As well as an overall satisfaction within the ward increasing, episodes of depression had also decreased and the predicted length of hospital stay for the individual patients has reduced by roughly 25%.

The Head of the British Medical Association’s Science and Ethics Department, Dr Vivian Nathanson has claimed that she agrees with the findings the report has found and that other hospitals should be adding bingo to the list of activities available to patients on the appropriate wards.

When giving an interview on BBC’s Today Program, Dr Nathanson stated that the fact that continued high moral in patients is associated with a quick recovery. Additionally she said that adding activities which aim to stimulate the mind and senses of patients, like Bingo, can be a significant factor in getting patients back into their own homes much sooner than expected.

By reducing the amount of time people have to spend in hospital also has the additional positive and that is that it can potentially slice off the NHS care bill! Discharging patients earlier will save the individual hospitals money which can only be a good thing, especially in today’s economy.

So not only is bingo great to play at home and with friends but it also in hospitals! So will it catch on? The reports results so far are extremely positive and it appears that other hospitals in the same area are looking for volunteers to help begin bingo sessions in their wards too! The sooner patients can get home the sooner they can start living their lives again. Patients are also being encouraged to carry on playing the game when they return home to continue to aid recovery further.

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