Pensioners fall out over bingo win!

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Who would have thought that bingo could tear apart a friendship? Best friends Muriel Harrison and Sandra Fowler-McAllister have been locked in a court battle over the win of £10,000.

The best friend have always split their winnings but after years of playing and winning together, Muriel has taken Sandra to court after she refused to split her big jackpot win. She was so angry that only court action seemed like an appropriate solution.

The duo used to eat and sleep bingo and after Sandra went back on their agreement, Muriel erupted in anger at the greed of her so-called friend. Mrs Harrison said: ‘She told me “I don’t feel I can give you half”. I said “What do you mean?” and she said “As you know I need the money more than you, you have got your own property”.

As a way of easing the guilt Sandra told the court that she did offer Muriel 20% of the winnings and that they had no agreement as to what would happen if they won quite a large amount. They had never won that much before, never thought they would win that much as so had never discussed what would happen.

The judge Francis Reeson dismissed Muriel’s claim stating that the women had an ad-hoc agreement that only worked when it suited them. He also stated that both women were simply putting forward a point of view and so it didn’t mean that either of them was lying.

The case has been dismissed although Muriel does plan on making an appeal.

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