Living for Bingo!

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Many of us around the world are avid bingo fans, however some people see it as a way of life, and Cynthia Klivan is one of them.

Like any normal day Cynthia arrived at her local bingo club nice and early and snapped up her favourite seat by the snack bar. Preferring to have a couple of hours to get herself settled, she took her time to unload her bingo supplies from her special and designated Bingo bag!

These supplied consisted of Bingo daubers, pink like her bag, clear celotape to hold her bingo cards nice and still as well as her bingo chips for the lap boards and a magnetic wand which makes scooping them up so much easier.

But, before any bingo mayhem can begin Cynthia always has her bingo breakfast – rye toast and a nice hot cup of coffee.
One of the things Cynthia loves about her Bingo lifestyle is catching up on all the gossip about what everyone has been getting up to.

Cynthia is a retired parole-board clerical supervisor and goes to her Nostrand Bingo Hall in Brooklyn about 6 days a week. Although the hall has two games a day, once in the morning at 11.30am and once in the evening at 7pm, Cynthia is purely a day player!

It’s true that some may believe basing your life around bingo games is not the way to live but many people gravitate towards Nostrand Bingo Hall in the pursuit of human interaction, conversation and of course to see if they can win a little bit of extra cash!

Cynthia has enjoyed the game for nearly 30years now and enjoys it so much that it was the first place she asked to go when collected from the hospital after recovering from cancer. It’s people like Cynthia who keep traditional Bingo Halls going, let’s hope there are more like her for years to come!

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