How much do you love online Bingo?

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The United Kingdom has become Bingo mad with a recent study showing that Bingo was the most popular leisure activity in the female age group between the ages of 20 and 25! This is so different from the typical stereotypes people often had of being players – that being of little old ladies sitting around and moaning!

The traditional game used to held in Bingo Halls across the UK with groups of friends all meeting up for the same game every single week. But now, this could not be any more further from the truth.

The bingo playing community has moved online with internet bingo sites popping up left right and centre and many of the flourishing due to the high demand! But do you know how many hours you spend playing online bingo?

New online bingo sites are able to sprout up every week because of the rush of traffic the sites get from people trying to play. The traffic is often so intense that it causes the sites to be less efficient than they are capable of being.

This demand shows that people are spending more and more time playing online bingo sites than in the past. When in a typical bingo hall, all you could do is play but now people are able to multi-task as well as potentially earning thousands of pounds!

It is also far more sociable in the sense that people are less shy to talk to strangers in a chat room compared to starting up a conversation with them face to face and many people have built quite strong friendships with people they have met through the sites. And it is this socialising whilst enjoying themselves which keeps the bingo lovers on the sites for even longer.

But of course people cannot survive solely on playing online bingo and with anything which is extremely fun it needs to be moderated to stop it becoming addictive! Most people see playing online bingo as a treat rather than a ‘must’ and often play for an hour after work to help them unwind or on a Saturday when they have got rid of the kids for a few hours. After all what can be more relaxing than winning a jackpot and not have to worry about the next bill payments!

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