Help find the City Bingo Burglar!

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A burglary took place in a Mecca Bingo club in Exeter and the police have been looking for him for days.
However, they have now released an image of the individual they believe will be able to help them with their investigation.

The man, named Darren Gibbons, is thought to have some kind of connection with the criminal act.

It has previously been reported that masked individuals raided the Bingo hall and are thought to have got their hands on thousands on pounds. This is not the kind of bingo bonus the employees and frequent users were hoping for!

Although the police have made an appeal and also asked witnesses and residents for any information what so ever, however it has been to no avail. The CCTV has also been reviewed and images have appeared showing 3 offenders, but their faces were covered by balaclavas and hoods.

The burglars are thought to have gained entry to the bingo hall in the early hours of Monday 23rd August by using keys and were also able to deactivate the security alarms. It took them approximately one hour breaking the locks on 32 gaming machines before leaving the scene with £4,500.

Since the incident the police have arrested four people in connection with the incident. However, they have been released on bail until November 10th.

The manager of said Mecca Bingo hall, Alan Forshaw, told the Echo that the club was helping the police with the investigation as much as possible. Naturally, the venue has been closed for a small period of time in order to clean up etc. but reopened only a few days later.

Maybe this is a sign that online bingo sites, including the likes of Paddy Power Bingo and Polo Bingo are safer?

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