Grandmother wins £4.5 million on lottery

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A 59 year old grandmother is celebrating her good luck after winning £4,559, 128 on the National Lottery. Pauline Stanley celebrated the win with a takeaway Kentucky Fried Chicken meal along with her husband of 21 years Barry, an aviation engineer.

Some winners would now be busy planning a world cruise, or a holiday of a lifetime, but Mrs Stanley has suffered from agoraphobia for 10 years and would rather spend time in her garden, although the couple might splash out on a conservatory and new carpets, though have not ruled out buying another house in the same area.

The couple from Churchdown, Gloucester have 6 children altogether, one child from their marriage, Mrs Stanley having 3 from a previous marriage and Mr Stanley having 2. Mrs Stanley is looking forward to treating them and said; I know they are all struggling and I can see them all right and that will make me happy. I do worry about the family. There’s lots I will do for them.’

As she took in their unexpected windfall she had a strong cup of coffee, whilst 61 year old Barry had a scotch. Their quiet evening in was totally changed by the win, Mrs Stanley explained; ‘Barry was on the computer and he came over and said “I take it you haven’t won the lottery? I said “I haven’t checked the ticket yet”, and I looked at the ironing and thought “I’ll do my ironing and watch Casualty”. As I stood up I thought “I will go and check”, and that was it. My ironing didn’t get done!’

Mrs Stanley has been agoraphobic since the death of her father, and can only manage very short trips to see family and friends, and even then has to travel with her inhaler ready. However she is very content with her life, saying she may see the doctor and get counseling, although it’s not a priority at the moment as she is ‘happy in my own little world’.

After surviving burst stomach ulcers only in February, which led to a 5 day stay in hospital and tablets for life, it looks like her luck has definitely taken a turn for the better!

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