Closing Bingo Halls Boosts Online Playing

October 15, 2010 - by mabel · Filed Under London Bingo News Leave a Comment 

An industry expert has stated that the closing down of traditional bingo halls has helped boost the internet bingo industry.

This statement has come from the head of research at Global Betting and Gaming Consultants Lorien Pilling, who also believed that the smoking ban would result in many people would not carry out their favourite pastimes outside of their homes.

That is exactly why the bingo lovers have now moved across to online bingo as they can no longer smoke in bingo halls, but also that the online option is able to offer something that the bingo halls are unable to.

Lorien Pilling said: “People can do it from home and enjoy a cigarette whilst they’re playing online.”

The main benefits of online bingo is that it offers far more choice such as free bingo, bingo bonus’, and amazing give-aways including TV’s and holidays. This is particularly good considering the current economic climate, many bingo players love a freebie!

Although traditional bingo halls have benefits such as the social environment, numerous online bingo sites, such as Redbus Bingo and William Hill Bingo, have ensured that their sites also have that community feel to them. They are also beginning to take advantage of the social networking platforms Facebook and Twitter, which players can use during their bingo games.

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