Celebrities Love Bingo Too!

December 20, 2010 - by adminlo · Filed Under London Bingo Blog, London Bingo News Leave a Comment 

British actor, Richard E Grant, has admitted to his love of bingo and says he especially enjoys the pastime in the Christmas season!

The TV and motion picture star confessed his love for the game to the Daily Telegraph and said it is one of the things he most looks forward to on Christmas day.

Grant is going to the chef Nigella Lawson’s house on Christmas day for an amazing festive feast and claimed he was a mega Christmas-acholic.

“As you can imagine there’s an enormous amount of food and after lunch we do karaoke and play bingo. People are always very competitive about who is going to be caller,” Grant observed.

It looks like we’ll not be the only ones dabbling in a little bingo fun when Christmas day rolls around!

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