Boxing Day Bingo hall Opening

December 28, 2010 - by adminlo · Filed Under London Bingo News Leave a Comment 

All you ever read about now is all the traditional bingo halls closing due to the boom in online bingo sites but Boxing Day in Castleford showed that this is not always the case with the opening of a brand new Bingo Hall!

Because Christmas fell on a Saturday this year we have all been treated to a long bank holiday with Monday and Tuesday being treated this way! But this did not stop the Castleford Bingo lovers, and Ritz Bingo had an amazing opening on Boxing Day!

But, putting an added twist on the day, everyone who arrives to play Bingo will be given a free Easter egg! Well chocolate is chocolate isn’t it? But, Alan Gamban, manager of the venue, said they always try to give customers strange gifts.

“By the time this day comes around, people are getting a bit tired of the whole Christmas thing,” he added, while previous gifts have included a set of bathroom scales” A bit bizarre but there are no rules when it comes to free Christmas presents!

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