Bingo Thief Finally Caught!

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It has taken four years, but at last a man who robbed a Bingo hall in Essex has been caught and brought to justice!
That’s right, the incident happened four years ago! But now the individual who stole money from a bingo hall in Pitsea, South Essex is on the run no more.

The robbery occurred in a Gala Bingo hall back in 2006 and the man responsible, 28 year old Lynton King, also threatened the staff who were working that night at knife point. But it King was not alone! Him and his accomplice Leroy Hippolyte forced their way into the hall wearing rubber gloves and crash helmets to try and hide their identity.

It is incidents like this that cause people to stay at home and have their bingo fun on internet bingo sites!

Although police did manage to arrest King in March 2007, he soon went on the run. However, he was relocated earlier this year as a result of another unrelated offence, and was found guilty to both robbery in action and failing to surrender in custody.

“I am pleased King has finally been brought to justice, more than four years after committing this robbery,” said detective constable Darren Ward of Basildon CID.

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