Bingo hall fighting to open

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A California bingo hall’s opening has been delayed again whilst the final decision is referred to the City Council.

Pop’s Bingo World was given approval to open a bingo hall on Willow Pass Road, Concord, California in April 2010. However, the Concord Blue Devils bingo hall, a local would-be rival, went to the city’s Planning Commission to lodge an appeal against the approval.

This is the second time there has been an approval followed by an appeal, and the final decision will now be made on 13th July by the City Council. The Blue Devils appeal asks that the city undertake a full environmental study on how the new bingo sites
would affect parking, traffic, crime and the provision of city services before issuing an approval.

The owners say though that the building was previously used as a gym for many years, so there is plenty of evidence as to the environmental impact of using the site.

There are 197 bingo halls in California at the moment. They must all operate to raise money for charity, although bingo hall operators are allowed to be for-profit organisations which hire out their equipment and hall to charities who want to operate bingo nights. Pop’s Bingo World shares their name with another bingo hall that is run in Richmond, Virginia.

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