An average of two bingo halls close each month

February 15, 2011 - by Victoria · Filed Under London Bingo Blog, London Bingo News Leave a Comment 

We all know that online bingo has taken the lead in how many people play it on a day to day basis but I have no idea that the situation was so bad that an average of two bingo halls a month are closing somewhere in our beloved nation!

Research carried out by Ernst & Young has found what a lot of people have thought for a while, that the online version of the number spotting game, and the more recent development of mobile bingo, has taken over the land-based traditional form of the popular past time.

The research states that in the last 5 years the number of bingo halls that are actually operating in the UK has dropped drastically from 678 to just 526, meaning that 25 of these have shut down for business within the last year alone.

It was approximately five years ago that online bingo took off in the UK and leading bingo giants Mecca Bingo and Gala Bingo got in on the action straight away, since then there are smaller sites popping up here, there and everywhere. With the smoking ban bingo clubs saw players leaving by the dozens preferring to stay at home to play where they can smoke as much as they like.

Most bingo halls in the UK are drawing in less than 1,000 players per week, with a lot of them on the brink of closing down as more and more people are seduced by the idea of playing the game online in the comfort of their own home. So what does the future hold for bingo halls?

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