A Very Different Kind Of Bingo

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We all know students can come up with some ‘interesting’ games but who ever thought we would see the day when they all sat down to play condom bingo!

But, it did happen. Last Wednesday numerous American students all gathered to play a lovely game of condom bingo – at least they’re being safe right?

In the makeshift bingo hall a table could be seen full of sexual health leaflets and condoms. With them on various tables were also lollies, cookies and donuts, all seen as suitable snacks and nibbles for such an event.
One of the students who attended had a great time and liked how although it was a serious topic it was kept light hearted to keep everyone feeling comfortable.

“The choice of treats were very suggestive and funny,” she said.

The bingo questions were also kept light hearted but organisers ensured that some very serious issues were covered so students could get the most information possible. Questions included; “Do all STDs have symptoms?” to “How effective are condoms when used perfectly?”

As you can imagine the corresponding answers were written on each of the bingo cards and the goal of the bingo game was to correctly cross out the answers and the first to cross out a line or full house won. The underlying goal of the organisers, however, was to try and teach the students sexual health information while they were having fun.

The students not only had a great time but also learnt a huge mount, “It was a fun and educational experience. I wish it had lasted longer,” said 3rd floor freshman Gabby Gayheart.
This is exactly what the organisers hoped they would achieve.

“I chose to have condom bingo as a floor event because I thought it would be a fun way to educate residents about sexual health,” she said. “I wanted to do something educational, but also something that people would want to go to.”

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