Lottery winner nearly conned out of his winnings.

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Imagine winning several million on the lottery – now imagine how you’d feel if you won and someone tried to cheat you out of this? That’s what happened to 72 year old pensioner Milledge McCassell who could have lost out on a massive $14 million win, but luckily enough he had his wits about him and managed to prevent the potentially very costly fraud.

It started when Mr McCassell took several lottery tickets to the Dynasty Deli and Grocery in Jamaica, Queens to see if he’d won anything. He went to a self-service station to check his tickets and was delighted when the words ‘BIG WINNER’ flashed up on the screen. He took the ticket to the deli clerk to find out how big his win was only to be told by the clerk; ‘Just a few dollars.’ He asked what the message on the screen had meant and was then told by the clerk that; ‘You didn’t give me a big winner ticket. I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ He then told the grandfather that he had already thrown the ticket away.

Mr McCassell was not to be fobbed off so easily though and complained to the Lottery, who in turn contacted the police. Investigators went to the store to speak to the clerk who then managed to produce the winning ticket. He has now received his $14 million and commented; ‘I’m thrilled! It was quite an experience. I knew I was a big winner. I just didn’t know how much.’ He has still to decide how he will spend his win.

The manager of the Dynasty Deli, Taha Derhim al Saidi, said that the clerk no longer worked at the deli, but did say that the whole incident had been a misunderstanding. The police are not so convinced and have forwarded the case on to prosecutors who will investigate further.

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