Beat London Prices with Online Bingo

Prices in our capital can be notoriously expensive. In these times of rising costs, why not enjoy some free entertainment with online bingo?

Playing bingo online is a great form of low-cost entertainment. You can enjoy a fun and exciting evening from the comfort of your own home.

Londoners can feel disheartened … more

Bingo Backing MPs Pledge to Fight for Fair Play

Recent government statistics have revealed the rapid decline in the number of UK bingo halls. A decline of 29 per cent from 650 bingo halls in 1997 to 460 in 2010 has led to a campaign against what some MPs consider as foul play.

The fight for … more

Glitz and Glamour at Hollywood Bingo!

There is no single room at the brilliant bingo site Hollywood bingo. Oh no! not only can you expect amazing promotions on a daily, weekly and monthly basis but you can also play in one of their five superstar rooms, which include Red Carpet and Silver Screen.So if you are … more

Could Bingo match Lottery?

Ever since the national lottery has been going, they have had a large commitment to offer funds and grants in order to support local communities and other worthwhile causes. Not only did this boost the profile of the lottery but also helped to generate a positive attitude towards the game … more

Pensioners save bingo sessions.

It was just a few short months ago that pensioners from the Brownhills Senior Citizens Club in Walsall were facing the threat of losing their club, which would have meant the end of their much loved bingo sessions. In a new development however it has just been announced that plans … more

Wetherspoons to refurbish bingo club

It can be sad when a new bingo sites closes down, and one of the latest victims is the Hippodrome Bingo Club in March. It has recently been purchased by Wetherspoons and will no doubt make an excellent addition to their nationwide chain, especially if they get the go-ahead for … more

Spain to Cut Down on Gambling

Following on from new legislation in France regarding gambling Spain has also announced it will be introducing new methods which aim to target problem gambling.

We’re used to seeing health warnings on packets of cigarettes, but it has now been said that slot machines in Catalonia will also carry warnings, advising … more

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