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Pensioners fall out over bingo win!

Who would have thought that bingo could tear apart a friendship? Best friends Muriel Harrison and Sandra Fowler-McAllister have been locked in a court battle over the win of £10,000.

The best friend have always split their winnings but after years of playing and winning together, Muriel has taken Sandra … more

Help find the City Bingo Burglar!

A burglary took place in a Mecca Bingo club in Exeter and the police have been looking for him for days.
However, they have now released an image of the individual they believe will be able to help them with their investigation.

The man, named Darren Gibbons, is thought to have some … more

Shares in Mecca Bingo rise

Rank, the owner of Mecca Bingo and Grosvenor Casino chains, saw a 5 per cent jump in their shares on Thursday. The gaming group said that they expected its full year results to be at the top end of the market predictions and were ecstatic with the findings.

It has now … more

Man abandons 2year old to play Bingo!

A Chinese father in Denia was arrested after leaving her 2year old little girl in the car for over an hour! The daughter was found in a poor state while her father was inside playing a game of Staurday afternoon bingo.

It was reported by the local media that the small … more

Bingo employee gets engaged during work!

Imagine going to work, it just being a normal day, and then you come home engaged! Well this is exactly what happened to one lucky Mecca Bingo club employee Shauna Crawshaw.

Shauna, who had turned 19 that day, had no idea that her boyfriend of seven months, Daniel Clamp, was planning … more

Bingo – harder than it looks!

It could be argued that bingo is not as easy to play as many people may think and people who wish to play the number spotting game should not assume it is!

This idea has come about after a successful blogger for the Sacramento News and Reviews found that the game … more

Teaching maths with Bingo!

Now there is something young children will have in common with elderly pensioners all over the country – Bingo! And I’m not talking about the internet bingo sites.

Schools are introducing the number spotting game into their classrooms as an aid to help teach children vital math skills. However, they are … more

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