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6 Celeb Gamblers, and what they won

Gambling is becoming increasingly popular, perhaps due to the rise in people who choose to play online. Online bingo is particularly popular among gamers because it is so easy to pick up and you can play whenever you want, wherever you want.

A lot of well known celebrities are avid gamblers, some … more

Renovation of Bingo Halls a go go!

With the increase of internet bingo we are constantly hearing about how the future of land-based bingo is very uncertain. Throughout the entire country bingo halls are closing left, right and centre. But, the ones which are still open are making some significant changes to keep up to date with … more

Bingo Backing MPs Pledge to Fight for Fair Play

Recent government statistics have revealed the rapid decline in the number of UK bingo halls. A decline of 29 per cent from 650 bingo halls in 1997 to 460 in 2010 has led to a campaign against what some MPs consider as foul play.

The fight for … more

An average of two bingo halls close each month

We all know that online bingo has taken the lead in how many people play it on a day to day basis but I have no idea that the situation was so bad that an average of two bingo halls a month are closing somewhere in our beloved nation!

Research carried … more

A man suffered heart attack while playing bingo!

But, don’t worry he is now fine and recovering.

A bingo enthusiast suffered a heart attack while at this local bingo club enjoying himself playing the number spotting game but has now recovered and has returned for another contest – they do always say you have to get straight back on … more

Drinking application for Bingo hall in Surrey

MP to Richmond Park in Surrey, Zac Goldsmith, has put his voice to concerns regarding plans for a 24-hour drinking license at a venue which could possibly become a 2,000 capacity nightclub!

Zac Goldsmith asked the council to put in place far stricter conditions on the applications to make the Kingston … more

Playing Bingo better than a night on the tiles

Is it true that playing bingo is far more fun than going out on the town?

With the rise of online bingo it appears that getting all dressed up for a night about the town could soon be a thing of the past as a lot of women are now choosing … more

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