The staff of London Bingo are avid bingo players. While we love to get out of the office and play live bingo around the London Area, we have found ourselves equally enjoying staying in and playing bingo online. Whether playing live or playing online, you will find us with a bingo card in hand, one way or the other.

With that in mind, I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce myself, as well as the rest of the London Bingo Staff.

London Bingo CEO

Known around the office as “the whip,” our CEO gives the phrase “bossing everyone around” new meaning. No, on a more serious note, the boss lady (Mabel) pilots the ship here at London Bingo and is the first line in the Internet bingo due diligence process. Mabel’s main responsibilities consist of identifying new bingo sites that we may promote, speaking to their staff, and determining whether or not the rooms are suitable for listing and review on the Internet bingo site.

Mabel can be contacted at

London Bingo Editor-in-Chief

As the whip’s right hand babe, the chief is as friendly as she looks. Surely by the looks of the photo, one cannot sense her keen attention to detail nor her perfectionist attitude.

Don’t let the look or the attitude fool you though, as Gladys is responsible for approving every last bit of text that goes live on the bingo site. Gladys brings years (some would even say centuries) of experience to the table, as she is an accomplished writer and has served as writer, as well as editor for various tabloids throughout the country.

(London Bingo Factoid) Gladys is also believed to have edited the first stone tablet ever chiseled by the cavemen.

Gladys, the London Bingo editor-in-chief can be reached at

London Bingo Staff Writers

Victoria Ipson –

“Jmac” –

Katrina –